Delamere Forest Golf Club
Course Open

Delamere Forest Golf Club hole 8

  • Blue: 446 Yards, Par 4, Index 4
  • Green: 414 Yards, Par 4, Index 4
  • Yellow: 405 Yards, Par 4, Index 4
  • Red: 346 Yards, Par 4, Index 4

PGA Pro's tip

Professionals say that there are more fours achieved from off the left of the fairway than from the bunkers on the right. But this is the toughest drive with a lot of risk to it. With a downhill approach to the green it is difficult to leave an uphill put. With a big right-to-left slope on the approach it is hard to hit and hold the green from the right of the fairway. In summer, downhill putts are notably speedy. Perhaps the easiest way to play the hole is to do what former member George Johnson did in 1972 - he drove the green!

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