Delamere Forest Golf Club
Course Open

Delamere Forest Golf Club hole 7

  • Blue: 471 Yards, Par 5, Index 9
  • Green: 471 Yards, Par 5, Index 9
  • Yellow: 437 Yards, Par 5, Index 9
  • Red: 411 Yards, Par 5, Index 9

PGA Pro's tip

Again, the good player thinks of this as a two-shot hole, being short for a par 5. From the tee the target is to the right of the distant masts. Go left, and the ball runs away into trouble. Bunkers in front of the green foreshorten the view and it is a longer carry to the green than appearances suggest. Get your yardages right whether you are laying up or going for the green. The green, on high, exposed ground, plays fast and there are subtle borrows.

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