Delamere Forest Golf Club
Course Open- Buggies with medical certificate only

Delamere Forest Golf Club hole 5

  • Blue: 450 Yards, Par 4, Index 2
  • Green: 431 Yards, Par 4, Index 2
  • Yellow: 424 Yards, Par 4, Index 2
  • Red: 390 Yards, Par 4, Index 2

PGA Pro's tip

There is no let up in the challenge. Best line is up the left and a risk with 3 bunkers awaiting to catch any miss-hit drive. It is important to know where the flag is because the hole is very hard if the pin is on the back right and the approach shot is from the right of the fairway. Miss left and there is awful trouble; down the back of the green and you are probably lost. Again, club selection is vital to find the right part of this long green with a false front./p>

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