Delamere Forest Golf Club
Course Open

Delamere Forest Golf Club hole 13

  • Blue: 313 Yards, Par 4, Index 14
  • Green: 313 Yards, Par 4, Index 14
  • Yellow: 301 Yards, Par 4, Index 14
  • Red: 284 Yards, Par 4, Index 14

PGA Pro's tip

Only a short par 4, this hole can play harder the closer you get to the green. Bunkers positioned 40 yards short of the green making attempting driving the green a much riskier option, unless you are world class at the long bunker shot! Safe play is to position your tee shot short of the bunkers leaving a well struck lofted club to the green. The fairway slopes from right to left and you need to hold the right side if you are to chase the ball onto the putting surface. This hole plays very fast in summer and it can be very difficult to stop the approach shot on the green.

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